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GB Cleaning Services is reliable, trustworthy, affordable and convenient.

GB Cleaning Services L.L.C. was founded in 2023 by a medical doctor who saw a need for a commercial cleaning company that would provide high-quality services at a competitive price. 

GB  Cleaning Services is committed to providing its customers with the best possible service. The company's employees are all highly trained and experienced, and they are dedicated to providing their customers with the highest quality of care. GB Cleaning Services also offers a variety of flexible payment options, so its customers can choose the option that best suits their needs.

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Why Choose GB Cleaning Services

Over 100 Satisfied Customers

Qualified Cleaning Professionals

Trustworthy Cleaning Professionals

Secure Online Quote Request Form

Fully Insured 

Open 7 days a week


Local Home and Commercial Cleaners in Omaha, Bennington, and surrounding areas, Nebraska

We Value Our Cleaners

Professionals are able to do what they love (making homes a happier place) when and where they want.

Constant Improvement

Professionals are able to continue to improve the quality of their service by receiving feedback from customers.

Improving Relationships

By connecting cleaners with customers, we seek to increase the relationships between our communities.

GB Cleaning Services in Omaha is reliable, trustworthy, affordable and convenient

GB Cleaning Services was founded in 2023 by Dr. Bakhos, a frustrated Omaha resident, tired of the cleaning services failing to meet his standards.

Let's just say, after trying numerous companies, Dr. Bakhos decided enough was enough. He knew he could do better, and with his meticulous nature and passion for cleanliness (let's face it, a sparkling home is a healthy home!), GB Cleaning Services by Dr. Bakhos was born.

Word spread quickly about GB Cleaning Services cleaning magic. The company's commitment to detail, top-notch service, and yes, maybe a little bit of doctorly disinfectant expertise, had people raving. Before he knew it, Dr. Bakhos needed a  larger cleaning crew to keep up with demand!

Now, GB Cleaning Services boasts a team of thorough, trustworthy cleaners who share Dr. Bakhos' obsession with making homes hygienic havens. 


We offer regular cleaning, deep cleaning, move-in/out services, and can even tackle organizational woes.

Don't spend your precious time scrubbing floors. Let the GB Cleaning Services crew take care of everything, so you can relax in a sparkling clean sanctuary.

Schedule your free quote today and experience the Sparkly Homes by GB Cleaning Services!

Become a Cleaner

Become a Housekeeping Cleaning Professional with GB Cleaning Services in Nebraska! Residential and Commercial and Office Cleaning work available 7 days per week.

Cleaning Services in Omaha and surrounding areas

Get your space cleaned in Omaha and surrounding areas. It’s that simple, affordable, and convenient.

Our friendly, professional cleaners are all trained, reliable, referenced, insured and trustworthy. Our online booking tool makes scheduling effortless.

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